Saturday, July 07, 2007

Does Chula Vista need new leadership?

I found this interesting comment about the Chula Vista Gaylord project on Scott Lewis' blog on Voice of San Diego.

"Maggie" wrote on July 7, 2007:

There are other factors about this project's demise that many aren't taking into consideration, much of which VoSD helped uncover: The failure of the LLC created to manage the project, in which Gaylord had 10% ownership, was killed.

The only Chula Vista staffer involved, Laurie Madigan, was exposed for involving her husband's business partners in the deal.

The City Manager, Dave Rowland, who initiated the deal was fired and it took the City a year to hire a replacement. Political leadership was not at the table to facilitate stakeholder negotiations.

And lastly, but probably most importantly, the EIR port staff and Laurie Madigan produced was insufficient and would never have past muster with the Coastal Commission and Statelands Commission.

And labor wasn't smart enough to realize they were being baitd and eventually faulted for killing the deal. This deal was done a long time ago!

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