Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fit Teachers Test Themselves at Triathlon
Chula Vista Elementary School District

Six District teachers participated in the recent Chula Vista Challenge-Olympic Distance Triathlon, modeling first-hand the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. Teachers (pictured L-R)

Shannon Cleator, Salt Creek Elementary,
Carla Kriss, Allen Elementary,
Gavin Kelly, Salt Creek Elementary,
Kimberly Hale, Salt Creek Elementary,
Tim Kriss, Salt Creek Elementary, and
Courtney Lesaik, Rice Elementary,

participated on two relay teams.

“Shannon, Gavin and myself competed last year for the inaugural event,” said Carla Kriss. “We loved it so much we talked the other teachers into it!! Tim Kriss and Kimberly Hale compete in many local triathlons and Gavin Kelly runs marathons and Courtney Lesiak as well. Shannon Cleator has been a swimmer and swim teacher since a young age and I just started working out ‘hard’ and competing two years ago. It was fun to participate in a race in Chula Vista since we work and train in this beautiful city!”

Sweetwater Interim Superintendent Ed Brand to Get Contract?

Sweetwater Interim Superintendent Ed Brand to Get Contract?
By Susan Luzzaro
San Diego Reader
Sept. 2, 2012

Although no meeting notice has been posted on the Sweetwater Union High School District website, several reliable South Bay community members are passing around the information that the Sweetwater board will hold a special meeting September 6. The purpose of the meeting is purportedly to begin the process of offering interim superintendent Ed Brand a contract.

Brand has been serving on the board on a temporary basis since last June, when ex-superintendent Jesus Gandara was given a juicy severance package. (Gandara is currently under indictment for several charges involving corruption at Sweetwater.) Brand has been receiving $20,000 a month and five weeks’ paid vacation as an independent contractor.

According to a June 29 Union-Tribune article, last year, “Brand took home $240,000 in pay on top of $118,080 in pension. Under the new [state] rules, retirees in the California State Teachers’ Retirement System who choose to go back to work [for] an employer in the system will now be limited to $31,020 in earnings per fiscal year — whether they are on staff or, like Brand, a consultant doing the work of a staff person.

Though Brand has been interim superintendent for just over a year, his tenure has been marked by conflict. The most recent conflict came with his “open boundaries program,” which parents believe is negatively impacting their children’s education.

Under the program, students can attend any school within the district, regardless of where they live. Parents who live on the east side of Chula Vista report that this program, which was introduced at the beginning of this academic year, resulted in overcrowding, delays in students receiving textbooks, and traffic problems.

Parents were disappointed when Brand backed out of a meeting planned for August 30 and instead posted his explanation about open boundaries on the district’s website. Another meeting has been scheduled for the second week of September.

If the board calls a special meeting on September 6, they are required to post the agenda on the district website 24 hours in advance.


Sept. 2, 2012 @ 9:02 a.m.

It's unbelievable that this board will vote to give Brand a contract but we all know they will. Brand is repeating his actions that got him fired in San Marcos. He's brought his cronies back as consultants, he even hired one of their wives as a teacher in the new charter school(McLaughlin. Brand, McCann,and yes folks Cartmill are asking for donations for Burt Grossman's campaign for Board of Trustee vs Bertha Lopez. Since Lopez got rid of the crook Gandara (which McCann takes credit for) the board and Brand have been seeking candidates to run against Lopez. Yes, that 5ft package is dangerous to all of them. At the last board mtg. She wanted to know why McCann's legal fees that were close to 8,000 were paid for by the district. I bet that answer will never come. [Maura Larkins comment: Bertha Lopez had no trouble approving legal fees for Robin Donlan, Rick Werlin and others who committed illegal acts when Bertha Lopez was a board member at CVESD.] McCann lost his bid in court against a citizen he didn't like and the judge saw through the scam. Thus McCann should pay for his own attorney. I bet Brand gets the same parachute clause in his contract that Gandara's exit clause had(tax payers pay attorney fees whether guilt or innocent) I can't wait to see this contract,it will probably be the largest give away in district history...