Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fit Teachers Test Themselves at Triathlon
Chula Vista Elementary School District

Six District teachers participated in the recent Chula Vista Challenge-Olympic Distance Triathlon, modeling first-hand the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. Teachers (pictured L-R)

Shannon Cleator, Salt Creek Elementary,
Carla Kriss, Allen Elementary,
Gavin Kelly, Salt Creek Elementary,
Kimberly Hale, Salt Creek Elementary,
Tim Kriss, Salt Creek Elementary, and
Courtney Lesaik, Rice Elementary,

participated on two relay teams.

“Shannon, Gavin and myself competed last year for the inaugural event,” said Carla Kriss. “We loved it so much we talked the other teachers into it!! Tim Kriss and Kimberly Hale compete in many local triathlons and Gavin Kelly runs marathons and Courtney Lesiak as well. Shannon Cleator has been a swimmer and swim teacher since a young age and I just started working out ‘hard’ and competing two years ago. It was fun to participate in a race in Chula Vista since we work and train in this beautiful city!”

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