Thursday, October 04, 2012

San Diego Police Investigate High School Football Team Hazing Incident

San Diego Police Investigate High School Football Team Hazing Incident
OCTOBER 24, 2011

A local high school football game scheduled to be played Friday night was called off after a high school prank that authorities said crossed the line.

According to authorities, at least four Castle Park High School students, including members of the school's football team, are accused of hazing a teammate.

Some students told 10News the alleged incident happened Monday after football practice.

A concerned parent of a Castle Park High student contacted 10News and said a varsity football player was attacked by his own teammates. 10News learned the hazing incident was a sexual assault by students, with a pencil involved.

Castle Park High student Daniella told 10News, "I think that was, like, really rude and unnecessary. I heard he went to the hospital."

The parent said at least four students were suspended for their alleged involvement, but the Sweetwater Union High School District would not confirm the suspensions.

However, Chula Vista police have been contacted to investigate the incident.

Chula Vista Police Department Capt. Gary Wedge said, "All of the individuals who were involved in the incident have been identified. I can't disclose specifics about the nature of the incident because it involves juveniles and a sex crime."

Wedge also told 10News the case is now in the hands of the San Diego County District Attorney's Office.

Meanwhile, many of the alleged victim's peers at Castle Park High expressed outrage and came to his defense.

"Yeah, I heard about it and I just think it's wrong. I mean, how could somebody do that?" said student Alejandro.

Student Jonathan added, "In my opinion, I think it was kind of weird and strange. Why would that be happening at a high school?"

The Sweetwater Union High School District says it is cooperating fully with Chula Vista police.

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