Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Pat Judd coming or going?

Someone at the San Diego County Office of Education asked yesterday, "Where did Pat Judd go?"

The answer seems to be "nowhere," although it's not for lack of trying. At the same time that Judd claims to be preparing to run for yet another term as CVESD trustee, he seems to be applying for jobs in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Would he commute from Bonita if he got one of those jobs? Not likely.

Today the folks in Trabuco Canyon were checking up on him. Trabuco Canyon is in Orange County, and is served by Saddleback and Capistrano school districts. Maybe these folks are considering Judd for this position:

Capistrano Unified School District
Executive Director I, Fiscal Services
Posted: 6/20/2008 - Deadline: Until Filled
Classified Staff
6/20/2008 Capistrano Unified, San Juan Capistrano
Orange County $103,385 to $125,665 depending on experience and background

Whoa! I just went back to the job posting, and it's been removed! Maybe they decided on Pat Judd as soon as they read all about his exploits. Who wouldn't love an administrator who spends $100,000s of tax dollars to cover up wrongdoing? This is a man who will protect the status quo and the people in power come hell or high water. And whose business is it why he stopped working at his old job? Pat Judd is too discreet to go around passing out that kind of information. Good luck on the pay scale, Pat. We're rooting for you.

CVESD teachers who are lawyers want to know: "Can I use esquire after my name?"

Mary Elizabeth "Mimi" Carr had no trouble deciding that she would sign her name with an "Esquire" at the end, but other CVESD teacher-lawyers aren't so sure. Here's some authoritative information for them.

The Straight Dope Science Advisory Board says:


Now you might ask: what allows one to use this title? Is there a ceremony? Is it conferred by a university? Is it just some affectation that snob-nosed folks use? Can I be Joe Blow, Esq. just because I like the ring to it? Or do I need to get authorization, and if so from what? from where?

The answer is that any snob in the world (or at least in the U.S.) can use the title...

Now of course in England there's this whole business about hereditary nobility and getting knighted and all that, so it might be a little risky to start calling yourself esquire there. (Although what's going to happen? The Snob Cops arrest you?)

But we're not in England, we're in America! The land of the free, the home of the brave! You can call yourself anything you want ... although you do take the risk that you will be thought a snooty jerk.

Since this has never bothered lawyers, they have gotten into the habit of calling each other esquire. This is a little like elected officials addressing each other as "honorable," which to me seems a classic case of advertising something after it's gone. But I digress.

Among lawyers, it's thought pretentious if you sign yourself "Esq." in written communications but you are supposed to dignify other lawyers with the appellation... even if you never saw the inside of a law school there's nothing to prevent you from calling yourself esquire ... except the fact that you might be thought a lawyer.

CVESD still using illegal tactics to silence critics?

"...When you work for the public, as I have, you are required to be honest and serve the public..."
By Flo Samuels, Hayward, July 24, 2008 Voice of San Diego

I recently discovered what appears to be a connection between Chula Vista Elementary School District and the lawsuit by their lawyers (Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz) to stop me from publishing my website.

It is illegal for a public entity to sue for defamation.

I suspect that CVESD superintendent Lowell Billings (at left in above photo), and (next to Billings in above photo) board members David Bejarano, Pam Smith, Patrick Judd, Bertha Lopez and Larry Cunningham know this very well. So why don't they operate in an above-board manner, and file a lawsuit against me as individuals?

First, I imagine they don't want to give me a chance to prove my allegations in court.

Second, they are accustomed to having the taxpayers foot the bill for their legal representation.

Stutz attorney Ljubisa Kostic denied that he made an uncustomary and lengthy visit to my website and blogs the day after I participated in a meeting at Castle Park Elementary school. Unfortunately for Mr. Kostic, I was able to match the IP address of his laptop, which he used during my deposition, to the May 28, 2008 visit. That same laptop had made very rare, and usually very short, visits prior to that date.

To top it all off, Kostic issued a Notice of Deposition to me on the very next day (May 29, 2008). He could have done this at anytime during the previous 8 months, and there is no reason to think he would have done it on that day except to retaliate on behalf of CVESD for my public appearance.

This appears to be yet another case of illegal involvement by CVESD in the justice system (see also CVESD's bizarre and successful effort to protect Stutz law firm from obstruction of justice claims), and an effort by CVESD to use intimidation to interfere with my right to free speech.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

JULY 2008: New board members for Chula Vista Educators

Chula Vista Educators Board of Directors
JULY 2008
(Here is list of members of the board that was replaced.)

President 07-09
State Council 06-09
Peggie Myers
Full-Release CVE Office 427-1063

Vice President 07-09
Monica Sorenson
Liberty Elementary School 397-5225
VP Monica Sorenson has taken over the remainder of Allan Insko's term as PAR chair (see below).

Treasurer 07-09
Nancy Potts
npotts@cox.netValley Vista Elementary
479-7171 Ext. 5339

State Council 07-10
CTA Board

Secretary 07-09
Barbara Dunwoodie
Hilltop 422-8323 Ext.3333

State Council 08-11--NEW!!
Jennefer Porch
Juarez-Lincoln 269-3620

PAR Chair 06-09
VP Monica Sorenson
took over for Allan Insko in the middle of this term

Area Director A 08-10--NEW!!
Maureen Mcnair
Veterans 479-0571

Area Director B 07-08
Norma Pacheco-Davis
Los Altos 690-5880 Ext. 3848

Area Director C 08-10--NEW!!
Tim Kriss
Salt Creek 397-5494

Area Director D 08-10

Area Director E 08-10--NEW!!
Jena Ritchey
Juarez-Lincoln 269-3620

Bargaining Chair 07-09

Executive Director Mary Ellen Berumen
[New executive director]
427-1063 Ext 205
[Berumen replaced Tim O'Neill, who worked closely with Jim Groth and Gina Boyd to cover up crimes at Castle Park Elementary School.]

Monday, July 28, 2008

CVESD lawyers Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz v. Maura Larkins trial February 2009

Stutz law firm asked the court on July 25, 2008 to delay the trial for their lawsuit against me for defamation.

One would think they'd be in a hurry to stop me if I'm truly defaming them.

Either my site isn't really hurting them, or Stutz law firm is tacitly admitting that what I say is true.

The November trial date selected by the court was changed to February 6, 2009.

The Stutz lawyer also said that a court-ordered settlement conference "would not be fruitful." The judge looked at him and said, "Well, then you'll just have to work it out yourselves."

Saturday, July 12, 2008

CVESD case discussed in "White Chalk Crime"

A new book mentions CVESD's illegal actions against Maura Larkins.

From "White Chalk Crime" by Karen Horwitz (page 596)

"California NAPTA member Maura Larkins corroborates this point when she commented on my legal case and discussed the abuse used to silence her: If you had done what I did, which was to refuse to come back to work until there was an investigation, I guarantee you would have been dismissed for refusing to come to work. They were delighted that I wasn't at work for an entire year--UNTIL I FILED SUIT.

"Then they claimed they had wanted me to be at work for that entire year. In fact, my dismissal specifically stated that by filing grievances, tort claims and a lawsuit, I had shown myself to be "unforgiving," an "irremediable character defect"!

"Once they target you, neither the truth nor the law matters. I love having the above statement about why I was fired in writing. It's a clear violation of the Constitution as well as state law. Can you believe that they openly and brazenly fired me for filing grievances, tort claims, and a lawsuit?"

CVESD paid $100,000s of tax dollars to obtain this decision and cover up the truth in the case. Attorney Daniel Shinoff, who was in charge of litigation for CVESD in San Diego Superior Court, wanted the case decided in the Office of Administrative Hearings. Attorney Mark Bresee pulled the job off with the help of phony documents.