Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Pat Judd coming or going?

Someone at the San Diego County Office of Education asked yesterday, "Where did Pat Judd go?"

The answer seems to be "nowhere," although it's not for lack of trying. At the same time that Judd claims to be preparing to run for yet another term as CVESD trustee, he seems to be applying for jobs in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Would he commute from Bonita if he got one of those jobs? Not likely.

Today the folks in Trabuco Canyon were checking up on him. Trabuco Canyon is in Orange County, and is served by Saddleback and Capistrano school districts. Maybe these folks are considering Judd for this position:

Capistrano Unified School District
Executive Director I, Fiscal Services
Posted: 6/20/2008 - Deadline: Until Filled
Classified Staff
6/20/2008 Capistrano Unified, San Juan Capistrano
Orange County $103,385 to $125,665 depending on experience and background

Whoa! I just went back to the job posting, and it's been removed! Maybe they decided on Pat Judd as soon as they read all about his exploits. Who wouldn't love an administrator who spends $100,000s of tax dollars to cover up wrongdoing? This is a man who will protect the status quo and the people in power come hell or high water. And whose business is it why he stopped working at his old job? Pat Judd is too discreet to go around passing out that kind of information. Good luck on the pay scale, Pat. We're rooting for you.

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