Tuesday, July 29, 2008

JULY 2008: New board members for Chula Vista Educators

Chula Vista Educators Board of Directors
JULY 2008
(Here is list of members of the board that was replaced.)

President 07-09
State Council 06-09
Peggie Myers
Full-Release CVE Office 427-1063

Vice President 07-09
Monica Sorenson
Liberty Elementary School 397-5225
VP Monica Sorenson has taken over the remainder of Allan Insko's term as PAR chair (see below).

Treasurer 07-09
Nancy Potts
npotts@cox.netValley Vista Elementary
479-7171 Ext. 5339

State Council 07-10
CTA Board

Secretary 07-09
Barbara Dunwoodie
Hilltop 422-8323 Ext.3333

State Council 08-11--NEW!!
Jennefer Porch
Juarez-Lincoln 269-3620

PAR Chair 06-09
VP Monica Sorenson
took over for Allan Insko in the middle of this term

Area Director A 08-10--NEW!!
Maureen Mcnair
Veterans 479-0571

Area Director B 07-08
Norma Pacheco-Davis
Los Altos 690-5880 Ext. 3848

Area Director C 08-10--NEW!!
Tim Kriss
Salt Creek 397-5494

Area Director D 08-10

Area Director E 08-10--NEW!!
Jena Ritchey
Juarez-Lincoln 269-3620

Bargaining Chair 07-09

Executive Director Mary Ellen Berumen
[New executive director]
427-1063 Ext 205
[Berumen replaced Tim O'Neill, who worked closely with Jim Groth and Gina Boyd to cover up crimes at Castle Park Elementary School.]

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