Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Danielle Cozaihr v. CVESD case ends by stipulation

It appears that Danielle Cozaihr has completed her long, hard battle for justice from Chula Vista Elementary School District. In December 2007 Cozaihr won a million dollar verdict against CVESD. Soon after, Daniel Shinoff took over the case. CVESD appealed. The case was then passed to Shinoff's partner Jack Sleeth. No opening brief was ever filed on behalf of CVESD. It appears that CVESD must have decided to either pay the verdict or to settle for some other amount.

04/08/2008 Notice of appeal lodged April 2, 2008 by CVESD
12/05/2008 Dismissal order filed. Upon written stipulation filed by the parties to the appeal, the appeal is DISMISSED.

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