Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CVESD's new board member sounds good to me

The resume of new CVESD board member Douglas Luffborough's sounds terrific to me. I hope that Luffborough will form a new board majority with David Bejarano and Russell Coronado and that the three of them will begin a law-abiding era in Chula Vista Elementary School District.

The best indication of a fresh start would be a decision to fire Pam Smith and Larry Cunningham's unethical lawyer Daniel Shinoff. The taxpayers have paid enough to cover up Pam and Larry's wrongdoing. The three newest board members were not involved in the violations of law that were facilitated by lawyers Mark Bresee and Daniel Shinoff.

Chula Vista school board selects nonprofit director
By Chris Moran
San Diego Union-Tribune Staff Writer
February 4, 2009

CHULA VISTA — Douglas Luffborough III was appointed to the Chula Vista Elementary School District board last night to serve the remaining two years of former trustee Bertha Lopez's term.

Lopez was elected to the Sweetwater Union High School District board in November.

[Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Bertha.]

Luffborough, 39, is the executive director of the Chula Vista-based Turning the Hearts Center, a nonprofit organization that runs programs in leadership, substance abuse, anger management, parenting and work readiness. He lives in Chula Vista with his wife and three children...

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