Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Peg Myers, meet Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin won't stop complaining that the media has portrayed her unfairly. Apparently this is because the media talks about things that Palin herself would prefer not to discuss, such as Palin's using the fact that Russia is within sight of Alaska to prove that she is ready to handle international foreign policy.

Our own Peg Myers won't stop complaining that this blog has portrayed her unfairly. Again, this seems to be because this blog talks about things that Peg herself would prefer not to discuss, such as her actions against teachers at Castle Park Elementary when Peg was working on behalf of administrator Richard Werlin and some of her other friends.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. When you have a Superintendent like Escobedo, then you get corrupt educators getting hired to be in charge of hiring others like Peg Myers. We know Myers is a bad apple, but without supporters in high places like the current Superintendent Escobedo, she would probably be gone by now. Instead she gets caught in a scam and Escobedo gives her a promotion to become an executive in CVESD. The Chula Vista community should be outraged but they seem to be very passive. I feel bad for good teachers in Chula Vista and there are many.