Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jim Groth and Peg Myers antics continue at Chula Vista Educators; bizarre election results announced more than 3 months late

Now I understand why Peg Myers and Jim Groth didn't want to release the Chula Vista Educators election results in June. What kind of election is it when you end up with two empty positions before you even announce the results?

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President 09-11
State Council 09-12
Peggie Myers

Vice President 09-11
Tim Kriss
Salt Creek Elementary

Treasurer 09-11
Kathleen Fernandez

Secretary 09-11

[Barbara Dunwoodie ran unopposed for this position. What's up with the open position? Dunwoodie is still teaching at Hilltop Elementary with Robin Donlan.]

Area Director A 08-10
Maureen McNair

Area Director B 08-10
Norma Pacheco Davis
Los Altos

Area Director C 08-10

[The above position was held by Tim Kriss, who is now vice-president. When I heard a rumor that a close friend and Salt Creek Elementary colleague of Tim Kriss was going to replace him, I wrote to Peg Myers asking if this were true. Instead of answering me, Peg apparently got her pals up in Burlingame to demand that Google censor my blog. Why is this such a touchy subject?]

Area Director D 08-10
Jayme Rodgers

Area Director E 08-10
Jenna Ritchey

Bargaining Chair
Susan Skala
Vista Square
State Council 08-11

Jennefer Porch

State Council 07-10

Jim Groth
CTA Board

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