Friday, May 27, 2011

Chula Vista teacher layoff notices being rescinded

Chula Vista teacher layoff notices being rescinded
By Ashly McGlone
May 26, 2011

Hundreds of layoff notices issued to teachers in the Chula Vista Elementary School District are being rescinded.

The district issued notices to about 300 of the district’s 1,400 teachers and other certificated staff, including psychologists and vice principals, in March.

District officials said the move to rescind those notices comes in the wake of Gov. Jerry Brown’s May budget revision, which maintained school funding at current levels — pending voter of approval extending certain tax hikes.

“It was unfortunate we had to go through the noticing process yet again. However, our teachers have been terrific in keeping the focus on the students and not getting caught up in what could have been a major distraction,” Superintendent Francisco Escobedo said in a statement. “Our goal has always been to keep teaching teams together and keep any cuts as far from the classroom as possible. We are very pleased to be able to bring back our tenured classroom teachers.”

Chula Vista teachers’ union President Peg Myers said the move relieves stress for educators.

“Dr. Escobedo has been very cognizant of what this does to teachers and he has worked with me the entire time,” Myers said. “It means they can leave school and not have to worry about filing for unemployment.”

As of May 20, 160 notices had been rescinded, according to Myers. That number is expected to reach 300, a district spokesman said.

The district estimated that it would face a $14 million deficit in its $193 million budget under a worst-case funding scenario. Under a best-case scenario, the district would face a $6 million shortfall, a deficit it could cover with its $32 million reserve account.

Meanwhile, at least 70 layoff notices issued to nonteaching employees have been rescinded, a union official said. More rescinded notices are expected.

In April, 300 of the district’s 1,100 nonteaching employees, including librarians, custodians and instructional assistants, received notice that their jobs are not guaranteed next year. An additional 11 nonteaching employees were given pink slip notices in May.

The new school year begins July 20.

Chula Vista Elementary School District is the largest elementary district in the state and serves 27,400 K-8 students and 840 preschool students on 45 campuses.


Anonymous said...

Teachers are getting laid-off and CVESD Superintendent Francisco Escobedo and the Board get shine new iPad's!

Maura Larkins said...

Happily, all teacher layoffs have been rescinded.