Monday, June 18, 2012

Peg Myers is out as president of CVE; new president is Jennefer Porch

Jennefer Porch

Jennefer Porch is the new president of Chula Vista Educators, but the CVE office tells me that a "meeting has not yet been held to determine the other officers." It may sound odd that the officers were not determined by the recent election, but Chula Vista Educators seems to have developed a habit of having winners of elections resign after winning.

Peg Myers was one of the chief engineers of the calamitous events at Castle Park Elementary. Peg Myers was also one of the Castle Park Five. Peg was deposed regarding those events. Here is Peg's deposition.

Jennefer Porch is from Juarez Lincoln Elementary in CVESD. I have left a message with the CVE office asking Ms. Porch to call me, but it's possible she won't call. CVE has been extremely secretive for the past decade.

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