Monday, January 13, 2014

CVESD principal (and former lawyer) Monica Sorenson leaves in the middle of the school year

Why did Monica Sorenson depart CVESD suddenly in the middle of the school year?

I noticed a few days ago that a law firm in Los Angeles was reading up on Monica Sorenson (on my blog). Is Monica thinking of returning to the practice of law--and leaving education altogether? Well, she might return to the practice of law, but that does not necessarily mean she'd be leaving the field of education entirely. The law firm that was looking at my blog, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, employs education attorneys.

Tiffany principal Charlie Padilla also left
in the middle of the school year

I also thought it was odd that Tiffany principal Charlie Padilla left in the middle of the year in December of 2010. It seems somewhat a dereliction of duty. What exactly would propel a principal to make such a move?

In case anyone is wondering, Monica Sorenson was on the Chula Vista Educators board of directors when this grievance was filed. Even though she was a lawyer, CTA was able to keep her in line, assuming that she ever objected to illegal actions. I think she was wrong not to blow the whistle on serious wrongdoing by teachers and the district. But I'm sure her ascent at CVESD would have been curtailed if she'd reported the illegal actions to the authorities. The original, unhacked grievance that Monica ignored can be seen here.

Del Mar district names new principal for Torrey Hills
By Michelle Breier
Jan 10, 2014

DEL MAR — The Del Mar Union School District has named Monica Sorenson as principal of Torrey Hills School.

Sorenson comes to the Del Mar district with five years of experience as a principal, most recently at Chula Vista Hills Elementary, officials said. Before that, she was a teacher for 10 years.

Chula Vista Hills Elementary, under Sorenson’s leadership, received numerous awards and accolades for its academic and wellness achievements.

The Del Mar district said Sorensen is known as a principal who works well with parents, teachers and the greater community to create positive and dynamic learning environments in which students excel.

Sorenson takes the place of Barbara Boone, who left Torrey Hills to take a position as director of curriculum and instruction at the San Diego County Office of Education

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