Sunday, March 15, 2009

Salt Creek Elementary Camp Out by Parents

Dozens Line Up Early For Kindergarten Sign-Up
March 4, 2009
10 News

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- Dozens of people stood in line late Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning not to get a deal on a TV or to buy concert tickets.

They lined up to enroll their children in kindergarten.

Moby Tores was one of several other people who camped out at Salt Creek Elementary School in Chula Vista.

"It's the most insane thing," said Tores.

Rob, another fellow camper, told 10News, "Oh, I'm just waiting for the morning to come."

On Wednesday morning, those lined up can register their five-year-old children for kindergarten. Space is limited and these die-hard parents want the best for their kids.

So they waited -- for hours.

Most people would think these parents are insane but when the sun comes up these guys say it will be worth the wait.

A Spanish Immersion kindergarten is the class many of the parents want for their kids. In the class, young students will learn all their lessons in Spanish.

Tores said, "I think living in this community, having both languages, English and Spanish, is very important."

It is important enough for these parents to wait in line for 10 hours to guarantee a spot for their little ones.

Also up for grabs are morning sessions and afternoon sessions.

Anthony Millican of the Chula Vista Elementary School District said, "That kind of commitment and engagement in their children's lives is to be encouraged."

Enrollment is first come-first served, and if all slots are filled a student might have to go to another school.

That won't be an issue for Tores, who was third in line.

"With this program, my daughter is getting a head start," said Tores.

It is a head start that began well before the sun came up.

District officials said they have not had to bump any kindergarteners from Salt Creek to another school due to high demand in a couple of years.

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