Sunday, March 15, 2009

Will YMCA get rid of the Dash and Stretch staff?

Dear YMCA,

DASH & STRETCH - though you may keep the name, you are not keeping the staff that's been trained to do the job.

Let's be honest, to really KEEP DASH and STRETCH, the programs we all know and love, you would need to perserve their award winning curriculum, not change it, and take the entire staff too. No newcomers! Newbies do not have the training they need and they DO NOT have the time to acquire it in just a few months time. It is OUR children that are going to be directly affected by all of this. If you truly committed to "Saving" DASH and STRETCH, then let's get together and raise some money!

How can you say it will be the same when you don't even have the staff required to run what DASH and STRETCH were designed to do? I LOVE THE YMCA, but our school NEEDS both programs as they each serve VERY different needs.

Planning and preparing is fine and great. Your wanting to expand to more sites, fantastic! Ask yourself this, are you able to provide a 'seamless transfer'...? No, it's just not possible with new staff, little time, and little training.

If the school board is so set on giving DASH and STRETCH to they 'Y', then here is my proposal. Help us raise $450,000 to pay what the city cannot afford.

This will keep DASH and STRETCH running exactly the same WITHOUT interrupting our childrens progress. Then take that entire school year to staff yourselves and to properly train your staff. THAT is doing what is in the best interest of our children and it is very doable.

I have a strong group of parents who are willing to help!

Elisa Betancourt
Parents For Enrichment Programs

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