Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kathleen Fernandez offers the only choice to Chula Vista Elementary teachers in CVE election

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The results of the 2009 Chula Vista Educators (CVE) elections have not been announced, but here they are anyway. There is very little mystery in the process. The results for three out of four positions were predetermined because there was no opposition.

There is one bit of suspense remaining, however.

Kathleen Fernandez turned out to be a strong write-in candidate for Treasurer, forcing a run-off. Here are the results.

Peg Myers (incumbent)--no opposition

This is the first time Myers ran for this office, even though she's held the office for two years since Jim Groth resigned to become a CTA director. Myers had no opposition when she ran for vice-president at that time. This year, as before, Myers had no opposition. Obviously, CTA isn't the CFT. California Teachers Association leaders tend to be anointed rather than chosen democratically, while California Federation of Teachers leaders usually endure a feisty election process.

Tim Kriss--no opposition

Nancy Potts--strong opposition from write-in candidate Kathleen Fernandez.

Fernandez was a member of the CVE bargaining team. Run-off ended May 20, 2009.

Barbara Dunwoodie--no opposition

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