Thursday, May 28, 2009

Peg Myers is keeping election results for Chula Vista Educators under wraps

There's something wrong with the Chula Vista Educators website.

I can't find any mention, anywhere on the site, of the May 2009 CVE officer elections. If you didn't know from some other source, you would have no idea that CVE is currently experiencing its own particular brand of democracy. That's the version in which election results don't get entered on the website until President Peg Myers and her supporters are good and ready.

Today I called CVE, and a nice woman whom I'll call "V" answered the phone. When I asked when the results of the elections would be announced, she said, "They have to run again for Treasurer."

I said, "They already did that."

(The voting in that runoff election between Kathleen Fernandez and Nancy Potts ended on May 20.)

"Then I don't know what's going on with that."

And that's all the information I got from V.

I left a message on Peg Myers' voice mail asking when the runoff outcome would be announced. I'll report any response I get.

UPDATE: Myers never called me back. I finally got the results, but not from Myers or the CVE office.

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