Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amalia Cudeiro gets chance to follow her pal Libia Gil's prescriptions for keeping employees in line: Cudeiro is superintendent for Bellevue Schools

Now that Amalia Cudeiro (photo) is superintendent of schools in Bellevue, Washington, I suspect that she will follow the top-down decision making policies of her pal Libia Gil, who was superintendent of Chula Vista Elementary School District from 1993 to 2002. I suppose decisions will be based on what's best for the people in charge and their political friends.

Former Superintendent Libia Gil remade CVESD in her own image, and it has remained the same even though she herself was pushed out in March 2002. [I suspect she was pushed out not because she broke the law, but because she made such a mess while doing so.]

Gil beat the union (Chula Vista Educators) by co-opting and corrupting its leaders, specifically Jim Groth, Virginia (Gina) Boyd, Tim O'Neill and the board of directors.

See Site-based management for a peek at some of Libby Gil's cheerleaders.

It was obvious all along that neither Libby Gil nor her assistant superintendent Lowell Billings believed in the democratic principles they were spouting to sell site-based management. Chula Vista Elementary School District's Superintendent Lowell Billings apparently watched closely and learned from his predecessor Libia Gil, who managed to increase her power without ever saying much of anything.

Billings continues to promote the system as implemented at CVESD, which always involved top-down decision-making, never democracy at the school site.

It also involved laziness and neglect. So things would often get out of hand at various schools, and then the district office would swoop in and fire people, or, if they were political allies, bring them back to the district office for their own protection.

In 2008 CVESD superintendent Lowell Billings had a new problem. The school that was trying to make its own decisions was a charter school. The staff didn't think that principal Erik Latoni should make all the decisions.

Once again, Lowell wanted to swoop in and take control. He threatened to to terminate the charter of Feaster Elementary School because the people who run the school actually work at the school. Instead of "site-based decision-making," this is now being called "a conflict of interest" by Mr. Billings. The meaning of the words changes whenever the people in charge feel it's necessary.

It's probably worthwhile to note that CVESD rehired Daniel Shinoff of Stutz, Artiano Shinoff & Holtz in 2008. Apparently the board was impressed with Shinoff's work at MiraCosta College. I notice a striking similarity in the arguments used to attack Feaster Elementary and the arguments used to justify the actions of the majority-bloc of trustees at MiraCosta.


Anonymous said...

You may not be far off the mark at all. I hear from reliable sources that she's cleaning house at the dictrict, firing old reliables and hiring outside people at MUCH higher salaries. Haven't seen any news reports about this yet but I'm wondering how local parents and educators will react to this kind of drastic change.

Anonymous said...

This one was at least announced. Another wasn't (hope there's a lawsuit). The job was split in two with the combined salaries of the newbies in excess of the incumbent.

Anonymous said...

Thank god Karen Clark retired--she didn't exactly do the right thing for the district's kids as Finance director or as interim superintendent.

Anonymous said...

I'd take Karen Clark any day. Cudeiro is a huge problem for Bellevue Schools. A functional school district is now in a downward spiral to complete disaster thanks to Cudeiro. It's becoming so top heavy it will no doubt topple over. I feel bad for the kids and parents in Bellevue Schools right now and in her wake.