Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How do you cover up abuse? You ban critics from speaking.

The CVESD board tries to keep secret the harm it has done to children and the laws it has broken.

One of the ways it does this is to prevent people with direct knowledge of the problems from speaking to parents, employees and students.

The Catholic Church is similar to CVESD in this respect.

Tonight retired Catholic Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, who in the 1990s investigated abuse of children in Australian churches, will speak in San Diego, defying Bishop Robert Brom and Cardinal Roger Mahony.

Robinson is banned from speaking on church property in several dioceses in the U.S.

Church leaders don't like the fact that Robinson has questioned whether the church's policy of celibacy for priests has led to the culture that allowed child sexual abuse to run rampant.

I feel that I have something in common with Robinson.

Superintendent Lowell Billings and the CVESD board don't want me to question whether their violations of law have led to the out of control situation at Castle Park Elementary.

I believe that the policies of Billings and the CVESD board are a bad influence on kids.

I also believe that institutions--including both churches and schools--tend to operate to protect the powerful people who control them, not the people they pretend to serve.

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