Friday, June 06, 2008

Richard Werlin has surfaced again

I like this story because it involves the school where I went to kindergarten and part of first grade--Washington Elementary in Point Richmond.

My old nemesis Richard Werlin seems to have some sort of weird attraction to schools where I was a student. He not only got a job in Richmond, but he also worked in Chula Vista Elementary School District, where I attended all of first grade except the first month, and most of second grade.

Werlin didn't have a lot of fans in West Contra Costa County Unified School District (WCCCUSD), but he must have pleased Kay Burnside while he was there, or she wouldn't have chosen him as auditor when she moved to a new school district, Compton Unified School District.

From the Los Angeles Wave
March 20, 2008
"...By those she worked with, Burnside’s leadership is credited for turning around Point Richmond’s Washington Elementary School. It was in 1991, when the elementary school neared closure due to its failure to meet minimum academic standards. Burnside stepped in as principal and oversaw all responsibilities — managing finances, test scores and enrollment status. Today, Washington Elementary School is flourishing and boasts a waiting list for potential students..."

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