Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lowell Billings can not fix Castle Park because the school board requires him to protect perjurers

The "Castle Park Five" teachers won the right to return to Castle Park Elementary because the Chula Vista Elementary School District board could not tell the truth about what some of them had been up to. Nikki Perez, Peg Myers, Stephenie Parker-Pettit and Robin Donlan had helped cover up wrongdoing at Castle Park--but so had Lowell Billings and the members of the school board: Cheryl Cox, Bertha Lopez, Pamela Smith, Patrick Judd and Larry Cunningham.

Lowell Billings will almost certainly keep covering up crimes as long as the board tells him to do so. He's clearly not a man who takes principled stands against the powers that be, and this is exactly why the board pays him so much, and keeps him in his position year after year. He's paid to be a front man for the board, not an individual with integrity.

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